Nancy Rogers
Patient Accounts Representative

Nancy Rogers is in charge of patient accounts at Heart Center of Dallas, the practice for cardiologists Dr. Robert Meacham. To keep up with the high demand of patient accounts, they started using WinMedStat in 2007. She also used WinMedStat in another office since 1999.  Heart Center decided to use WinMedStat because of the excellent referrals given to them by other physician’s offices and system was very easy to use..


Nancy has  noticed many advantages to using WinMedStat. “The WinMedStat system does the job of multiple people.  I was out for about six to seven weeks, and the staff was able to handle everything on their own because of the system.”

“WinMedStat makes everything so easy. Upgrades to the system can be done via internet. We are able to run financial reports and patient reports that are complete and easy to understand. Insurance claims can be sent electronically to CareVu clearinghouse, but they can also be printed out and mailed.”

The program can also be used to back up records. “To create back up files, we just stick a tape in at night, and the program generates reports overnight. The old system would have to be keyed up 30 minutes before you needed a report generated,” says Nancy.

Was the WinMedStat system easy to learn? “Yes, we had a WinMedStat staff person come out here, and one day they walked us through the billing process and the next day, we went through appointment scheduling,” says Nancy. “Whenever we have problems or a question, WinMedStat is more than happy to help.”

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