Appointment Scheduler


Powerful appointment search

Double and triple booking

Informative reports and exception reports

Cancellation tracking

Color coded daily schedule

Able to check in patients to indicate their arrival
The Appointment Scheduler integrates with your Patient Demographic database and allows patients to be scheduled, confirmed, and checked in quickly and efficiently.   Individual schedules for each care provider can organize each person's time effectively.  

The Appointment Scheduler can track no-shows and cancellations, and tabulate the data to show you how to optimize your scheduling.

You will receive a warning to check the patient account if it has been flagged or requires a referral. It is easy, efficient, and powerful, displaying all the needed information at your fingertips. Use the "Next Available" button to find specific type and times of appointments.

Through its well-coordinated scheduling and check-in features, the first
point of contact with the patient is smooth and efficient.