Other Features
Use the Check In feature to keep track of who is currently in your office.  When a patient is checked in, the customized superbill is printed, and the program marks the appointment as kept, and they are added to the Check Out list.
The Patient Check-Out screen lists all patients that have been checked in, but have not yet had charges entered.  Your End of Day report lists all patients who are on the Check Out list, reminding you to add charges for those patients before you end the day.
The Daily Transactions screen lists all the financial activity of the day.  Use this screen as an overview to keep track of how funds flow through your practice on a daily basis.
The Medical Records screen allows you to view and edit services rendered, and reprint statements.
The Patient Statement section contains detailed, editable line items for each charge applied to each patient.  Quickly access your Accounts Receivable aging information right at the top of the screen.

The printed patient statements are clear, easy to read.  You may also add automatic statement messages of your own choosing. WinMedStat is preset to print on plain paper, but allows you to customize your dunning messages to fit your office. Get tremendous flexibility in customizing your statements and using your choice of multiple billing methods.

For powerful Mail Merge features, WinMedStat uses Microsoft Word to generate patient lists, superbills, custom letters, and other documents to help you keep track of your patients more easily